About Us and Sustainability

Doso Los Angeles sustainable fashion made local in a small family factory

도서관 means library in Korean. We've shortened the word to "DOSO".

Our parents, who run the production side of things, have forty years of sewing and production experience. It's neat to think of them as a living archive of women's fashion over the years, having worked with many of the major brands and e-commerces that are based in Los Angeles. They are the library we come to for questions ranging from fabrics to production timelines (and of course, about life).  

We also love the idea of the library — it feels classic, nostalgic, cozy. We would describe our style in that way too — timeless pieces that are made to last. Our fabric is plush and soft, and our designs have been tested and redone to achieve the perfect fit.

  Doso Los Angeles sustainable fashion small family factory

Doso is a responsibly-made, sustainable fashion brand.

What does this mean?

  • We have a small carbon footprint.
    • Everything is sourced and made in a small radius in Los Angeles.
    • Our fabric is sourced and dyed in Los Angeles.
    • We design, cut fabric, sew, steam, and pack all in our small family factory near Downtown Los Angeles.
  • When we can, we buy deadstock fabric.
    • Deadstock is leftover fabric that cannot be used by the original designer or company and is slated to be thrown away.
    • We have repurposed deadstock into the Little Black Skort and the Ballerina Tank. Once they sell out, we sell out forever!
  • Our workers are paid fair wages, have safe working conditions, and have access to worker’s comp and insurance.
  • We are seasonless, slow, and small.
    • We create timeless pieces that can be worn all year long, for many years to come.
    • We stock very low quantities of each style, despite this being more costly for us.
    • This is our way to reduce waste!


Doso Los Angeles sustainable fashion


Thank you for supporting a small local family factory, and sustainability. Welcome to DOSO! 


Alex & Steph